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House Veterinarians and Bipartisan Lawmakers Team Up to Make Soring a Thing of the PAST H.R. 3268 S. 1121

30 Jul

Support the PAST Act H.R.3298 S. 1121 © afroditi katsikis

Support the PAST Act H.R. 3298 and S. 1121 © afroditi katsikis


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

House Veterinarians and Bipartisan Lawmakers Team Up to Make Soring a Thing of the PAST

“Good news for horses: a bipartisan group of more than 100 members of Congress, evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats, joined together as original cosponsors of the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act introduced last night in the U.S. House. Led by Reps. Ted Yoho, R-Fla., and Kurt Schrader, D-Ore., who are both veterinarians and co-chairs of the House Veterinary Medicine Caucus, along with the leadership team of Reps. Mike Fitzpatrick, R-Pa., Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., David Jolly, R-Fla., and Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., this crucial legislation, H.R. 3268, aims to stop the intentional torture of Tennessee walking horses and related breeds just for ribbons and prizes.

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Where is the Shelter for BLM Wild Horses and Burros in Holding Pens

20 Nov

Even though promises were made at the BLM workshop-webinar last August, the shelter issues have not been resolved. Winter is almost here and the horses in most of the temporary holding pens still have no shelter!

Those who adopt the BLM wild horses and burros must comply with the BLM rules that require it. Why do they hold strict standards for the adopters if they themselves don’t? Is this clearly not a double standard? It should be a no-brainer to understand that horses need shade in the summer and protection from rain, snow and wind; they seek it out in the wild, why wouldn’t they need it in the holding facilities?  BLM knows this otherwise they would not require adopters to have shelter from the weather?

As a result of that workshop-webinar, BLM decided to review all the submitted comments and ideas and announced a couple weeks later they would test several options but only for the pens that sick horses were in! Shortly thereafter some very meager shade structures were built over the sick pens at Palomino Valley Center that only made shade. They do not provide any relief from wind or rain and partially provide relief from snow – that is…until it starts melting.

No doubt that the HSUS does good work for the animals but so far have not educated the community about the need for shelter for the wild horses in BLM’s care or about the double standard by the BLM on this subject? Please read the letters below and then compose your own letter to Wayne Pacelle, HSUS president, urging the HSUS to educate the community about BLM’s double standard and the needs of all the wild horses in holding for protection from all the elements – not just shade.

Monika Courtney’s emails to HSUS:

Hello Wayne,

I have to say I thought you meant what you said. Meeting you was nice but being ignored is not.

I’d like to see you do a public awareness campaign about the mustangs’ plight. I understand you keep the dialogue with BLM – but there is more that can be done to educate your members. In that very room in Denver, where you spoke, many attendees, such as the very lady who helped the ground hog in Boulder; had NO idea about the mustangs’ plight. Matter of fact, it is kept hush hush – and gets little attention, seemingly due to other driving factors which disgruntle many amongst us. With good reason.

Let’s give love to those who helped us build this nation. To those who are forgotten in the war against schemes and VIP cattle ranchers who run the show. To those who are illegally removed from their rightful lands and sold to greedy middlemen, contracted for years by the agency who is assigned to “protect” them.

HSUS is a powerhouse that does great work for puppymills, against horse slaughter, soring, etc. yet the wild horses receive little if no publicity. Why ? I know you have a partnership with BLM, but to keep your ethical commitments as the HSUS founder established them… the mustangs are not getting a fair share by you in the bigger picture.

I’d like to hear back from you Wayne – we are all busy, and here is another year gone by with nothing much progressing towards a more humane world within BLM. As you said, the Interior Secretary can “turn the program around”. Yet, is this just more political talk.. as Ms. Jewell, being evasive, has not appeared to show much concern or taken a strong stance to do just that ?? How about helping out a bit ? I am sure with all the reps and legal experts available to you, there is more you can do to assist.

Currently, most cruel round ups on Navajo lands are going down, again. Horses chased by ATV’s, colts left behind. Of course we know the drift by Navajo President Shelly, as he is yet another clever PR person to try to pacify the public, whilst in reality he does nothing but pursue an agenda. Polite inquiries again.. have gone unanswered. Pleas and attempts by the public to stop the madness, as well. I think HSUS and a blog issue by you on this very shameful chapter would enlighten many, which in turn would apply the necessary pressure to reach any results.

I think the issue with you on Jane Velez ( http://hsus.typepad.com/wayne/2013/07/interior-secretary-can-turn-around-broken-wild-horse-program.html)  

was an attempt to expose the topic of wild horses somewhat – yet it was also a good incent [incentive] to recruit more members, which deserve to know what is going down within our own government, and their destructive impact and constant cruelty on wild horses. We have so many in holding because the same pretentious lies continue.

We, the people, are getting tired of the same old – while horses suffer and get little help in the face of political games and agendas. Humane management on the range is long overdue, and ovariectomies are not part of the intent of the 1971 Act, nor is the constant merciless pursuit and brutal eviction of the so claimed “excess” horses… which are not excess at all, just a clever misnomer to keep up the same crappy propaganda.

Furthermore, a polite inquiry to Dr. Stull on her much anticipated animal welfare program to having been published by this past October… has gone unanswered. Perhaps you could update me on this.

The public is getting tired of being assuaged. We are all busy, such as you are I am sure. But this deserves attention, not delay. People want answers and results.

Please respond. Thank you for your time.

Monika Courtney



Subject: Is it ? ‘Tis the season to stop the cruelty ?

Here we go again. The “Season” is  fast approaching…. with the teardrucker [tear jerker] approach to milk well meaning people – use the “holiday” spirit to give…. milk those folks. No disregard to dogs in puppy mills … they suffer, no doubt…

Yet in this very season… our wild horses still suffer too, still have no shelter from any elements in holding,


still are forgotten and the HSUS still has not started an effective public awareness campaign to educate all American HSUS members on the comprehensive, allover horrific plight and situation of the last wild horses in this country.

Matter of fact, the crisis for wild horses has reached biblical proportions – you are witnessing their very extinction – just  cleverly disguised. Take your grand kids now to see a wild horse if you still can find one…. they are fast disappearing. Ovariectomies and brutal, evicting round ups are the real mantra – not humane population control on their rightful western landscape.

So perhaps with the “season” approaching, you also could kindly ask Mr. Wayne Pacelle to reverberate not only on the dread of puppy mills etc., but on how wild horses suffer, are secretly sent to slaughter by middle men and exploited by political and personal agendas – all at your tax payer’s fund and cleverly covert, with no progress in sight.

How about sending some season’s considerations the mustang’s  way ? For the thousands of HSUS members in America, most still don’t know what is going down for our mustangs and burros. While much good work is done on other fronts, our wild horses and burros being doomed under the brutal, manipulative tactics of our Bureau of Land Management regime; enjoy little, if no public exposure. The truth would knock your socks off and if found out, make you pale in the joy of holiday glitter and spirits.

So here comes another season of giving… some of which could well go to wild equines suffering in holding, during most cruel round ups and heading to slaughter middle men as I type.    Wild horses… still have no shelter in holding, still are stuck in closed government feed lot style pens with dark futures, still are the secret lucrative harvest of Western public lands… while BLM’s gospel of “transparency and new paths”  echoes down the halls decked with holly…. in a hopeless, hollow and miserable sound.

Happy Holidays. Chose your giving wisely.

Monika Courtney

Proud supporter of www.savingamericashorses.org

(Please be civil and professional in your correspondence in asking the HSUS to pump up their public awareness campaign for the wild horses and burros – especially for the horses in BLM temporary holding facilities that need shelter.)

Wayne Pacelle
The Humane Society of the United States
2100 L Street NW
Washington, DC 20037
email: humanesociety@hsus.org

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