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Elderly BLM STALLIONS recently gathered from Sulphur, Utah – found homes!

21 May

A WEDNESDAY FEEL GOOD STORY: The Elderly BLM STALLIONS recently gathered from Sulphur, Utah – found homes! – Horse and Man.

Lots of feel good stories from the previous internet adoption auctions, but this one was pretty exceptional – advocates and rescuers working together sharing photo posts about the horses and 2 jennies [Rosemary (necktag 5237) and Rosebud (necktag 5431), at Mantle Ranch which are on the upcoming internet adoption again] . I was totally surprised to see that all the elderly sulphur horses were adopted and some of them at sanctuaries.

Wild horse in holding at Elm Creek, NE Do you recall when several mares had been taken out of the auction? They were taken out because they were foaling. I found out a few hours ago that the ladies who won a few auctions and also arranged transport for the 3 sulphur sale authority stallions to go to the Black Hills of South Dakota …well the really GREAT news is that those two ladies have arranged that those mares and foals will be joining the stallions at Black Hills. Be sure to donate a couple bucks if you can.

Mantle Ranch, WY necktag 9900

Mantle Ranch, WY necktag 9900

Since the BLM WHB facebook page usually posts 5 or 6 horses available for the internet adoption auction on their page that may only help those 5 or 6 horses or burros. Photos are ‘deal clinchers’ – photos motivate – while words could be just too good to be true.  When horse lovers see a photo of a horse, if that’s the horse they’ve been hoping to have, they join the auction.  It’s the photos that motivates them to try to win that horse at the auction.

Join this facebook event if you want to help share photo-posts of the wild horses and burros in the June 2, 2015 -> BLM Wild Horse and Burro Internet adoption starting June 2, 2015

© 2011 afroditi katskis

Triple B, Newark Valley temp holding pens August 24, 2011 © 2011 afroditi katskis


Urgent: BLM Wild Horses and Burros Need Homes Facebook Page

16 May

The third band harrassed by the chopper continuously at the trap site! ©2011 Afroditi Katsikis

The third band harassed by the HELL-A-CHOPPER continuously while at the trap site!

Most of the wild horses and burros that BLM WH&B program have put up for adoption, have gone through the jute chutes chased by helicopters; others have been captured in traps and still others are born in holding pens.

The third band arrive in the trap chute.

The third band arrive in the trap chute.

This is the beginning of their relationship with humans and it doesn’t get much better for most; the worst possible scenario for them is deadly.

Young Foal and Mare, Triple B temp holding  ©2011 afroditi katsikis

Young Foal and Mare, Triple B temp holding ©2011 afroditi katsikis

Most will end up in holding pens and even the lucky horses and burros that have been adopted may end up in bad situations and are at risk of going to slaughter.

The Facebook page is for those wild horses and burros:

Urgent: BLM Wild Horses and Burros Need Homes.

Newark Valley trap site Triple B round up August 24, 2011

Hell-A-Chopter in the Jute Chute during the Newark Valley trap site Triple B round-up August 24, 2011. Even though there is a BLM regulation requiring abatement of dust at the trap site, the BLM chooses to ignore it.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE PAGE: Urgent: BLM Wild Horses and Burros Need Homes.

Twitter: #BLMWildHorseAdopt

Get the S.A.F.E. Act to the floor! 5 THUNDERCLAPS for HR1094 S541

29 Jan

Let's Get the S.A.F.E. Act of 2013 Passed

ORGANIZERprofile image

Nancy Watson @nansea94w

As a board member of Citizens Against Equine Slaughter and member of SAFE Act Supporters, I am a voice for the voiceless, fighting to protect our wild and domestic horses. Please join me!

“Get the SAFE Act to the floor!

WE The PEOPLE want #SafeGuardAmericanFoodExportAct2013

on HOUSE floor 4 vote”

Nancy Watson, Citizens Against Equine Slaughter, set up five Thunderclaps targeting the Chairs of the committees the S.A.F.E. Act is stuck in with the message above in quotes. Hopefully as a result it will spur people into action and call their Representative or Senators who have not yet co-sponsored the S.A.F.E. Act of 2013.

What is a Thunderclap?

A Thunderclap is when lots of people on Facebook or Twitter post the same thing at the same designated day and time. Just think of it as a one time unified shout out: “Neigh to Horse Slaughter!”

Watch this short video HERE to learn about a Thunderclap.


First Thunderclap Feb 3, 2014

Representative Eric A. “Rick” Crawford, AR-1 (R), Chair of the House Committee on Agriculture: Livestock, Rural Development, and Credit. Continue reading

What You Need to Know About paper.li

26 Nov

What you need to know about paper.li and why to use it.

At the bottom of this page are the two paper.li I edit. They both come out daily. All the stories in them have been tweeted and those stories are determined by me. Tweets made by my followers  are captured by paper.li based on what is tweeted via hashtag or text. Other sources include facebook pages, RSS feeds from blogs and webpages such as media news, youtube channels…

You don’t have to be a twitter user to subscribe because the subscription comes to your email account. Each issue has stories that were tweeted during the previous 24 hours. I edit them just as they are published, to remove stories I deem not relevant and maybe spam to the paper or there are many tweets about the same story.

One of the very cool things I’ve discovered is that if a paper.li is saved on your computer desktop, facebook page, embedded on your blog or webpage, they are current on the day you click them to read. 

You can find older issues by date by clicking on the archives button on the ‘tool bar’ just below the title of the paper.li. You can also sort the stories to read by the hashtag that was used by clicking on ‘topics’.

Just below the name of the paper.li there is a tool bar to help you navigate the paper.li


Clicking on TOPICS lets you quickly look at a selected topic of the contents for the day. Clicking PHOTOS brings up all the photos shared in the issue; clicking VIDEOS brings up all the videos. Share and subscribe – I’m sure you understand what those buttons do.  

This is just below:

Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2013  Next update in about 23 hours  Archives 

All content is sourced from the previous 24 hours.  Next Update lets you know when the next issue comes out.  You can look at past issues by clicking the Archives button. (However, there are other settings for publishing:  daily, weekly or twice a day.)

Not only can you read the stories by clicking on the headline but you can also tweet them by clicking on the name of the person who shared them as well as reply to their tweet if you choose.

The multi-share option allows you to select specific stories to tweet or share to facebook. (This feature is greatly under-used in my humble opinion.) If you are a cross-poster for the animals or horses that need rescue, you can select those stories and put them in one sub-issue to share on twitter or on facebook.

You don’t have to make your paper.li public by sharing it. You can make one just for yourself so you can stay updated on topics you are interested in. But if you create one to share publicly you may likely get more followers – I did!

Another reason I think this tool is fabulous is you can quickly see what your twitter followers are tweeting or retweeting and share those quickly by retweeting or responding to them. There are many more features about paper.li I have not addressed; some I don’t know because this is the free version I’m writing about, not the upgraded version that has a fee. 


A general horse paper with tweets about any horse news including: horse health, horses in the news, wild horses and burros, horse racing, horse rescues, tack, training, horse history, horse shows, burros, donkeys, eventing, barrel races, farrier care and much more. Articles about animal abuse and neglect, protests and other animals being murdered (elephants, dolphins, rhinos, lions, etc.,) are often on this paper.li as the tweeters are people who love horses and love all animals. Sidebar on this paper.li describes a special issue for Sunday Issues. Use this hashtag #TweetEquine in your tweets on Friday and Saturday for horses, donkeys or burros  in need of homes or rescue (ok to include fundraisers for equines by non-profit groups).  All rescue related stories will be featured in the top section of this paper.li on SUNDAYS.

To read the paper.li, click -> #TweetEquine

SAFEAct S541 HR1094

This paper.li mainly devoted to horse slaughter topics from around the world. The main reason for starting this paper.li is to help advocates and activists supporting the Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2013 with the latest stories on horse slaughter, EU’s horse meat scandal, gathering information about what our politicians are doing in the U.S. Legislature, as well as other news stories that are relevant to getting this legislation passed.

In the sidebar, there is a current list of the Senators and Representatives that are co-sponsoring S541 and HR1094 (usually updated within a day or two of when I get notified by govtracks). There are active links in that sidebar to the sources of the information in there so if you really need to know right away the status of the two pending bills, the links to the source of the information is in the sidebar.

To see this paper.li, click ->  SAFEAct S541 HR1094


© 2013 afroditi katsikis

What You Can do to help Stop Horse Slaughter

22 Nov

It’s time to get serious about passing the SAFE Act…real serious! We all have signed and passed around petitions to our Senators and Representatives, President Obama, the USDA and others demanding an end to horse slaughter and transportation to horse slaughter but now we must move on to the next step.

These petitions are great awareness tools but they are NOT going to get the SAFE Act passed.  The petitions have educated many people about horse slaughter but they certainly are not a motivating factor to our elected officials so we must step up our activities to ban horse slaughter.

Posting on their Facebook pages has not worked and all the Tweetstorms haven’t either. However when they do sign on as co-sponsors, it’s a good idea to make a comment on their Facebook page thanking them and send them a tweet if you use twitter – they do need to know that there are lots of people agreeing with their co-sponsorship.

Personal contact and phone calls is the next step and we must take it NOW or we won’t be able to ban horse slaughter in America before the SAFE Act bills expire in January 2015.

Upon signing petitions, we have gotten ‘canned’ responses back from our Senators and Representatives but have we ever gotten a personalized response back have we…well I haven’t…have you? Has anyone ever gotten a reply from the White house?

When we contact our elected officials via email, we all get the same reply regardless of which horse slaughter topic we are addressing related to banning horse slaughter.  It’s so easy for an IT department to set up canned responses to reply to emails that have the words horse slaughter in them. And don’t be fooled that our Senators and Representative have written those reply emails.

There some other actions to do that will help get horse slaughter and transportation, (i.e., export to slaughter) banned in the USA. The purpose of these suggestions is so you can develop a relationship with their office staff or legislative aides. Some of their staff have more power than you think so you must be professional and polite.

All these action items are specifically for those people whose Senators or Representative have not co-sponsored yet. These are some of the actions we can take and I will be writing about them in this blog in the upcoming days as well as provide some useful tools to use.


Believe it or not, handwritten letters are more effective than letters printed from your computer. You can use a form letter as long as you paraphrase the text, in other words, make it your own letter!


Call your Senators and Representative and following up on them. Take notes on your conversations and then send them another letter as a follow-up about your call. Some may ask you to send an email during your conversation but if that doesn’t happen send them a letter thanking them for taking the time to speak with you regardless of which staff member with whom you talk.


During your phone call try to arrange a meeting in their home offices. If you can’t arrange a meeting right away, find out when they are having local ‘meet and greet’ or town hall meetings with their constituents and make sure you attend at least one. You must also talk to them at these events – shake their hand and introduce yourself. 2014 is an election year and politicians will meet with you more readily than other years.


You must know more about your elected officials and a good way to learn is by subscribing to their newsletters. Check their webpages for a link that lets you subscribe. Check their webpage often to see what they are up to. The webpages often announce where they will be appearing and make it a point to try to attend some of them. Their webpages usually announce what bills they are sponsoring and give news on their progress.


If you are on Facebook, like their pages and subscribe to their notifications. My Senators, at the most, only make 3 or 4 posts per week.  If you use Twitter, follow them. When they vote on something you agree with, thank them via Facebook or Twitter. My representative is now following me on Twitter – I was surprised he would do that. I’ve always been respectful in my Facebook comments and tweets and I know that helps me stand out.

It’s time to get serious about your activism in supporting the Safeguard American Food Export Act if you want it to pass. You must stand out to your elected officials and stop thinking emails and petitions will convince them to co-sponsor.  They are not working! Step it up to the next level. You can make yourself stand out so they take notice.

To see the members of the House of Representatives that have not co-sponsored the Safeguard American Food Export 
Act Click HERE 

To see the members of the Senate that have not co-sponsored the Safeguard American Food Export Act Click HERE

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