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Quebec Horse Slaughterhouse Investigation Requested by Humane Society International

13 Jul

source: http://www.producer.com/2016/07/quebec-slaughterhouse-investigation-requested/

Humane Society International/Canada filed a lawsuit against Viande Richealieu regarding lack of enforcement, procedures, and verifiable official records of horses imported from America for slaughter as required by Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Viande Richealieu’s procedures are no different from other Canadian abattoirs so most likely this suit could shut down horse slaughter in Canada…hoping the abattoir or the American kill buyers don’t find a workaround Canadian law.

An animal welfare group has lodged a complaint against a horse slaughter plant with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Competition Bureau of Canada.

Ewa Demianowicz, campaign manager for Humane Society International/Canada, said the Viande Richealieu plant near Massueville, Que., is not being honest with how it manages horses before they are processed.

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Protest at the new B.C. equine slaughterhouse, Westwold, B.C.

11 Oct

Protest at the new B.C. equine slaughterhouse.

Canadian horse advocates in or near Westwold, B.C.: Please try to make it to this demonstration:

“A group of concerned citizens in BC are organizing a demonstration against the reopening of the KML slaughter plant in Westwold, B.C.

A date time and place has been chosen for our demonstration.

plant from road

Saturday October 19th, 2013. @ 11:00 a.m. “  

We should all meet up at this time at the Elementary School parking lot which is past the slaughterhouse by a few kilometers and on your left hand side on a straight stretch in Westwold.  I believe there will be a cross road to park along that is closer to the plant but it is a good idea to talk first and then off we go to support our Canadian Horses!

Please spread the word and post if you can make it so we have an idea of how many are committed to coming. I will now promote the “Protest” page and see how many more people we can get interested in joining us.  Simple signs would be good to bring, so many Canadians have no idea that horses are being slaughtered so simple messages will be very effective. I will make up 10 or so extras to bring along.

Read more  via Protest at the new B.C. equine slaughterhouse.

NEWS ARTICLE FROM OCT 19 PROTEST: 50 protest “inhumane’ horse slaughter 


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