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Kirk-Udall Amendment passed the Senate: Defunds USDA Horse Slaughter Inspections

16 Jul


#Yes2SAFE photo by Citizens Against Equine Slaughter

Senator Leahy just tweeted to Citizens Against Equine Slaughter  
(@No_Slaughter) that the #KirkUdallAmendment passed and is now in the Senate Appropriations 2016 Fiscal Budget!!

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I Support Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2013

29 Mar

This is an election year and as such there are a lot more opportunities to meet with your elected officials. Please subscribe to their newsletters to keep informed about their town hall meetings. If you see an event that they will be speaking at, by all means, go to that event and introduce yourselves and shake their hand. They need to know what their constituents are most interested in and what it will take for them to get your vote.

Keep in mind that the current federal budget expires before the elections and if the budget for the following year does not include de-funding language of inspections at horse slaughter plants then it’s possible for horses to be slaughtered in the USA. However, not sure which fools will try to open a horse slaughter plant in the USA considering the lawsuits that were filed last year that so far have been successful in preventing these plants to open. Litigation is very expensive!

Another fairly unique factor is what will the EU do in closing the border to horse meat imported from the Americas (Canada, Mexico and South America)? In the past few days various investigations have awakened the EU to the fact that most of the horses sent to slaughter are not compliant with EU regulations. Several large grocery chains have pulled all horse meat off their shelves and this is very promising. Make sure you tell your elected officials what’s going in the the EU.

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Tweetstorm to Support the Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2013 (SAFE Act)

20 Sep

Tweetstorm to Suport the SAFE Act of 2013

Tweetstorm to Support the SAFE Act of 2013

Tweetstorm on Sept 26 to support the pending USA federal legislation against horse slaughter.

Approximately 170,000 horses were transported to slaughter in 2012. We want to STOP this trend. By ALL accounts (except the slaughterphiles’), these animals met horrendous ends.

Did you know:
The VAST majority of slaughtered horses are HEALTHY and with MANY years of life expectancy left?

That most racehorses end their racing career by age 4 and are rewarded with a trip to the slaughterhouse? Continue reading

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