Postcard Blitz to Texas Governor Perry Regarding the Burro Shootings in Big Bend Ranch State Park

The local community around Big Bend Ranch State Park supports bighorn restoration, but not killing wild burros! Please help the community to stand up against these powerful forces that have refused to hear pleas to keep the wild burros alive.

Message below FROM: Karen Van Atta Luce, petition creator and volunteer with the Wild Burro Protection League.

Not too long ago, burros were considered important heritage animals. These gentle animals literally built the Southwest, hauling supplies and serving as loyal companions. They embody the cultural crossroads of Native Americans, Mexicans and settlers in the region.

For hundreds of years, wild burros have been part of the ecosystem, supporting other wildlife by enriching the desert in places like Big Bend Ranch State Park.

If you go even further back in time, the bible says that Mary rode a burro into Bethlehem on Christmas Eve, and Jesus rode a burro into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Most people have no trouble finding reasons to want to protect the burro. But Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, under Gov. Rick Perry’s administration, keeps looking for reasons to shoot them. They even created an entire “fact sheet” to justify the slaughter (which Wild Burro Protection League founder, Marjorie Farabee, reveals is actually a false claim sheet).

More than 100,000 people aren’t buying the lies. They’ve signed the petition because they don’t think burros should be killed when there haven’t been any studies proving that the animals negatively impact the park or that they can’t co-exist with other species like bighorn sheep. Or because they don’t agree with the cruel policy of gunning down burros and then leaving the injured animals to wander off and die. Or because they believe in the cultural or religious significance of these animals.

Texas officials are feeling the pressure. But they need to keep hearing from us.

This is the season of peace, of mercy, of giving, and of family — all things that the burros of Big Bend Ranch State Park need right now. This week, share the message with your friends and family by posting the cards in this blog post on your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Then post these images and your message asking for mercy for the wild burros on Governor Ricky Perry’s Facebook wall and Texas Parks & Wildlife page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re still getting out last minute Christmas cards, send one to Gov. Perry with a message for the burros at:

Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, TX 78711-2428.

Last but not least, sign and share the petition, and let’s make sure the wild burros of West Texas have a happy New Year.

The post cards:

Use these links to download copies of the postcards to share
with your facebook friends,
post on webpages, and other social media sites
to send via email to your friends
download and print some of your own to give to people who are not on the internet.

Governor Perry Please give the wild burros some Christmas cheer!

Joseph with Mary on a Burro
Governor Perry: Please show mercy to the wild burros.

Peace on Earth

All I want for Christmas is for Texas to stop killing wild burros.

‘Tis the season of giving. Give wild burros a chance.

Marjorie Farabee:

“Now, in this season I ask you to please pray for all the sweet donkeys being shot to death in Big Bend Ranch State Park. These sweet animals so loved by Jesus are being shot by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. They are the last herd of wild burros (donkeys) in the state. Not only are they killing this revered animal who bore Jesus upon his willing back, leaving forever the cross imprinted upon him, they are also trying to out think God’s natural design for nature by killing all wildlife they deem are unworthy of nature. Their “nature” includes only bighorn sheep which brings in big money by trophy hunters. Our sweet humble burro is believed to not be a part of nature according to TPWD. They say there is no room at the Inn.”

Go sign the petition at:


The above link is to the blog where there are easy links to send a Christmas Postcard to Governor Perry.

Happy Holidays Everyone !!

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