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Wild horses truer to nature than ‘slave horses’ by Craig Downer

25 Aug

As a serious student of horses and their place in our world, I take strong exception to the biased editorial: “Petition confirms horses aren’t wild” republished from the Elko Daily Free Press on July 19th. This fails to recognize the horse’s greater story/truth as proven by fair-minded scientists. Continue reading

ACTION ALERT: OPPOSE Wild Horse and Burro Oversight Act S.1845 H.R.3172

25 Jul

       ” Today, I found out about something that is really bad, putting ALL of America’s Wild Horses and Burros in danger. For the last 3 months, we have been opposing SJR007, a Utah Senate Joint Resolution to have states lethally control Wild Horses and Burros. SJR007 is now a thing of the past, because today Representative Chris Stewart and Senator Orrin Hatch introduced an Act (The Wild Horse Oversight Act), that would amend the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Free Roaming Act to have the states and registered Indian tribes, manage our Wild Horses and Burros in America.

This would mean no more BLM management (that follows set HMA regulation standards), but rather the Fish and Wildlife Service managing Wild Horses and Burros along with the States. This would also mean that the States could set the numbers for the amount of Wild Horses and Burros removed from the lands, rather than the Federal Government. If you know how the States operate, you will know that the number of Wild Horses removed would rise drastically, which could result in no more Wild Horses and Burros. Not to mention, it has not been disclosed how the Wild Horses would be removed, if they will be adopted, or even if they will be sold to slaughter. This is an absolutely HORRIBLE THING that we ALL need to act on NOW!!! The main motive that Stewart has is – he thinks there are too many Wild Horses on the land. This is absolutely untrue and unproven! “
~Elisa Nelson
Admin – Utah Animal Rights Advocates
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Urgent: BLM Wild Horses and Burros Need Homes Facebook Page

16 May

The third band harrassed by the chopper continuously at the trap site! ©2011 Afroditi Katsikis

The third band harassed by the HELL-A-CHOPPER continuously while at the trap site!

Most of the wild horses and burros that BLM WH&B program have put up for adoption, have gone through the jute chutes chased by helicopters; others have been captured in traps and still others are born in holding pens.

The third band arrive in the trap chute.

The third band arrive in the trap chute.

This is the beginning of their relationship with humans and it doesn’t get much better for most; the worst possible scenario for them is deadly.

Young Foal and Mare, Triple B temp holding  ©2011 afroditi katsikis

Young Foal and Mare, Triple B temp holding ©2011 afroditi katsikis

Most will end up in holding pens and even the lucky horses and burros that have been adopted may end up in bad situations and are at risk of going to slaughter.

The Facebook page is for those wild horses and burros:

Urgent: BLM Wild Horses and Burros Need Homes.

Newark Valley trap site Triple B round up August 24, 2011

Hell-A-Chopter in the Jute Chute during the Newark Valley trap site Triple B round-up August 24, 2011. Even though there is a BLM regulation requiring abatement of dust at the trap site, the BLM chooses to ignore it.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE PAGE: Urgent: BLM Wild Horses and Burros Need Homes.

Twitter: #BLMWildHorseAdopt

BLM Wild Horse and Burro adoption program: Where are the Photographs?

3 May

Paul’s Valley, OK (long term holding facility) added 31 horses Saturday (May 2) to the in-progress Internet adoption auction. Bidding started on this auction on May 21 and ends on May 5, 2015. I’ve been checking in on this Internet Adoption event for several weeks before bidding started and have reviewed each gallery several times a week and have always seen the “Coming Soon” text where a photo should be for the Paul’s Valley facility. But it was only tonight that I saw that there were 30 boxes of “Coming Soon” in the photo’s location except for one box. (See her photo below, Necktag: 1997)

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How Much Of Your Heritage, Nobility, And Honor Are You Willing To Give Up, America?

22 Apr

How Much Of Your Heritage, Nobility, And Honor Are You Willing To Give Up, America?.

I’m not willing to give this up Captain William E. Simpson! I’ve heard and read most of the lies that are told about the wild horses and burros by the BLM…how do they get away with that year after year? Why is it no one in Congress investigating this program?  

Discussion-Education Group on Facebook Discussing PZP Use on Wild Horses

19 Nov

The third band arrive in the trap chute.

The third band arrive in the trap chutte. Triple B, Newark Valley  ©2011 afroditi katsikis

Protect Mustangs™ has started an education and discussion forum on facebook to discuss the use of contraceptives on wild horses and burros.

The forum members have been exploring the pros & cons, myths & facts about Porcine Zona Pellucida (PZP) currently in use on America’s federally protected wild horses and burros on public lands.

Join the discussion in the group or just read the posts and documents there – it’s an open group and everyone is welcome to post the research they’ve found or just read and learn more about PZP and its various forms (Native PZP, PZP22, ZonaStat), research and study reports and much more.

Join the discussion on  Forum on PZP for Wild Horses & Burros on Federal Land



Spin, lies and BLM’s advisor Boyd Spratling DVM

3 Nov

Spin, lies and BLM’s advisor Boyd Spratling D.V.M. | Protect Mustangs™.

Boyd Sprattling, DVM, BLM Wild horse and Burro advisory board member

Boyd Sprattling, DVM, BLM Wild horse and Burro advisory board member

Besides some of the comments made by ranchers, and Boyd Spratling DVM, BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory board member, I could not believe my eyes when I got to the end of the video and saw that Protect the Harvest and UNITED HORSEMEN made and produced this video! Continue reading

BLM Responds To Wyoming Roundup Accusations via Utah Public Radio

3 Oct

How co-incidental the roundup began September 15, 2014?  That’s just a couple of weeks before the end of the fiscal year. If they do NOT spend the money allotted in the current budget, they will have a harder time asking for increases in the future, won’t they?  Using up their budget is more important to them, not the wild horses or burros especially not those in holding pens.  BLM’s humane standards for the horses in their care still hasn’t been published to the public yet … one more roundup, horses dead needlessly, and still BLM has no understanding of the horse much less about the wild horses.

Wild horse preservationists have called into question the legality of the wild horse roundup in the checkerboard area of Wyoming which began Sept. 15.

Shelly Gregory with the Wyoming High Desert District of the Bureau of Land Management asserts the Wild Horse and Burro Act allows private land owners to request the BLM remove wild horses from their property.

“The BLM is respecting the rights of private land owners to operate their land as they see fit,” Gregory said.

BLM Responds To Wyoming Roundup Accusations | UPR Utah Public Radio.


America’s Wild Horses: A Living Legend in Peril

21 Sep

Wild Horses on the Range

Wild Horses on the Range (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This photo is of a genetically bay horse, showing the faint dorsal counterstriping that is common on some bays. This horse is NOT a dun and this dorsal stripe does not reflect the presence of the dun gene. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     Watch and listen carefully as the video posses excellent arguments about the markings on some of the wild horses and debunks the myth that all the wild horses are descendants of the Spanish horses set free in North America. Continue reading

Supporters for wild horses rallied at the Rock Springs BLM office Tuesday afternoon – SweetwaterNOW

13 Aug

BLM PR Specialist Shelley Gregory, middle left, and rally speaker Beverley Hughes, red hat, discussed wild horses at the BLM Offices Tuesday.

BLM PR Specialist Shelley Gregory, middle left, and rally speaker Beverley Hughes, red hat, discussed wild horses at the BLM Offices Tuesday.

The wild horse supporters have another rally planned on Aug. 25 the day the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meets in Riverton, Wyoming. It will be a one day meeting, begins at 8:00 am public comments are in the afternoon and as usual, you must sign up ahead of time to speak. 

Join the Facebook event page for this rally HERE

ROCK SPRINGS – Throughout history rallies and protests have been seen on every stage imaginable. No matter where it takes place or what issue is involved, they all have a special link. That link is passion. On Tuesday, a handful of wild horse supporters gathered at the Rock Springs Bureau of Land Management Office.

While small in numbers, the supports had members who traveled from Cheyenne, Denver and around the area to show support for the wild horses. Speaker said they planned the rally and expected more people but with the court ruling halting the roundup, Hughes said many supports saw that as a win and did not show up.

Besides using Facebook to get support, the group also passed out flyers all over which included a huge focus at Sturgis about getting the word out.

Hughes explained how her passion for wild horses began. As a photographer, she made her way to Wyoming to photograph the wild horses. When she arrived, she was taken to the Green River Visitor’s Center and was shown two “token” horses. Not very impressed, Hughes hired a guide to take her out to see the horses. She said she saw about 20 horses in about a 12 hour span.

This is where she first learned of the wild horse roundups and the treatment of wild horses. Being a dog lover and rescuer her whole life, she quickly focused on the wild horses.

She went to the holding corrals and looked at the horses gathered in one big group with no shelter or shade from the heat. Hughes explained she then asked the BLM about the horses and explained she was given about five options, none of them good.

Since then she has been all over the country fighting for the wild horses.

Being a veteran of the military, Hughes said she made promises to protect this country.

“I feel the treatment of these wild horses is an attack on our country by the BLM,” Hughes explained.

Hughes also questioned why tax money was being used to move the horses out so cattle and sheep can graze. Hughes said cattle and sheep herders should have to rent private land like the way it used to be.

Another supporter Elaine Taylor made her way from Cheyenne to be at the BLM on Tuesday. She also spoke passionately about the mistreatment of the horses. She said these horses are being forced to stay in corrals in the dead of winter fighting the ice and snow with no wind breaks to protect them.

Taylor said they have tried to find out how many horses have died in captivity but no one could tell them.

“We know many horses have died because of this,” Taylor said. “I don’t believe in any inhumane treatment for any living thing.”

Wild horse supports said their concerns are being ignored and the way the roundups are being done with the use of helicopters is not good for the horses. One supporter said they ran a bunch of horses so hard that one of the horses lost its hooves and had to be put down.

Also at the rally, answering questions and listening to the concerns of the protesters was BLM Public Relations Specialist Shelley Gregory. She answered questions for the supports and listened to ideas they had. Several times she urged the supports to write down their comments and submit them before the public comment period ends.

One support said the government is making it harder for the public to submit comments. She said it has to be done a certain way or it gets thrown out. The supporters also noted the BLM was only accepting those comments submitted with unique and new ideas and not everyone’s voice was being heard.

Gregory said they do take those comments with unique and new ideas. She informed the wild horse supporters some of the comments submitted are very general and urged the supporters to submit new ideas. She said many issues get resolved from public ideas which haven’t been looked at or thought of.

Gregory said there are about 850 to 950 wild horses in the checkerboard land. She said the wild horses which are in the solid block areas of the management play would remain there.

Gregory told SweetwaterNOW the BLM has multiple uses and have to balance issues between the different groups. With the wild horses, she said the BLM has to honor this court-ordered action and the request of the private landowners to remove these horses from their land.

Gregory also explained local offices do not make the rules, congress does and they have to follow them. She urged anyone who has issues with happenings in the BLM office, they should also contact the Wyoming delegates in Washington D.C.

The public comment period is still open and Gregory urged the public to submit ideas and comments. For information about the issue or to find out how to submit public comments, visit the BLM website or contact the local office.

The wild horse supporters have another rally planned on Aug. 25 in Riverton.
Read more about the rally HERE

Read the article and make comments at:

Supporters for the wild horse population rallied at the Rock Springs BLM office Tuesday afternoon – SweetwaterNOW.

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