What Can YOU Do to Pass the SAFE Act to BAN Horse Slaughter in the USA?

11 Feb


What you can do to help pass
Safeguard American Food Export Act of 2015
in the U.S. Senate S.1214 and
House of Representatives HR.1942

If your Senators or Representative have not co-sponsored the SAFE Act of 2015, it is EXTREMELY important to CALL your SENATORS to support S.1214 John Rainy Memorial Safeguard American Food Safety Exports (SAFE) Act and your REPRESENTATIVE to support HR.1942 Safeguard American Food Safety Exports Act of 2015 in their DC offices.

You may never get a returned call from the politician and less likely to talk to them directly when you call.  Ask to speak to the legislative aide assigned to these bills and leave a message.  You are more likely to get a call back from the legislative aide than your elected official.

This issue is about food safety and NOT about animal welfare.  If you start talking about how in-humane it is, they won’t listen, so you MUST talk about the potential toxicity because horses are NOT raised in the food pipeline.  Can a rancher send cattle, pigs, chickens to slaughter if it was a family pet?  NO, they CAN’T!

Why should horses be added to the food pipeline after they are grown?  All animals raised in the food pipeline are not allowed to be given certain drugs or treatments and there is no way to ensure that horses not raised in the food pipeline are free from those products. They can not test a live horse – they must slaughter it first before they can test it (yes I know, very upsetting).  This means tax dollars will be wasted if the carcass tests positive for the tested banned substances and another horse will be dead...

If you are not sure what to say, take a look at the comments in support of S.1214 on popvox.com (links below). Don’t use the arguments that discuss in-humane slaughter, because this is a bill about FOOD SAFETY and is the ONLY argument that more legislators will understand and support since food safety has become a very big issue

Before you call, make a short list about what you are going to say – practice saying it a few times until you feel confident about what you say.

When calling your Senators or Representatives, if the person you talk to tries to turn the subject over to the myth ‘too many unwanted horses’ in the USA, then you must remind them they are changing the subject to horse welfare — THIS IS A FOOD SAFETY ISSUE. They are obfuscating the issue and that is not what this proposed legislation will regulate and has no business in the discussion.  They won’t listen to you when you bring up how inhumane horse slaughter is, so you must remind them this is not about horse welfare.

Call BOTH your Senators if they have not co-sponsored! When you are done, call your Representative if she/he hasn’t cosponsored yet...

Go public with your comments on Popvox.com. You must create an account before you can leave a comment which will be sent to your elected legislators. The comment will be visible to the public.

Add your message to your Representative on Popvox  re:  HR.1942 HERE 
 (94% of responses in support)
Add your comments to your Senators on Popvox re:  S.1214  HERE
(98% of responses  in support)
You can check on status on govtrack.us or call congress at these two links:
Click here to go to govtracks.us to see current status of S.1214 at:  https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/114/s1214

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