Two year old Pregnant Mare Dies at Palomino Valley Center

12 Jul

Yesterday, after seeing a photo posted by Patty Summerson-Bumgarner on facebook of a dead mare at Palomino Valley Center, I was urged to contact the correctional facility where the foal was taken.  I called them and was told they had no idea what I was talking about.  So I called Palomino Valley Center  775-475-2222  Saturday morning at 11:48 AM to ask about the new foal that was born as mentioned in the news report posted by  KTVN:

BLM Foal Taken to Orphan Care

“Photos surfaced online Saturday of a mare that passed away during childbirth overnight Thursday at the Palomino Valley Bureau of Land Management’s wild horse and burro holding facility. 
John Neill of the Bureau of Land Management confirmed that the 2 year old mare was found deceased when workers arrived early Friday morning. The mother and foal were removed from the pen and the foal was successfully delivered. The foal was taken to Northern Nevada Correctional Center where the BLM has an orphan care program. “


The man that I talked to asked me which one since they said they have one born almost everyday.


I said the one whose mare had died.


He said the colt, 1 month old, was sent to Northern Nevada Correctional Center where they care for the orphaned foals.


I said I saw a photo of a mare at PVC with something hanging out of her butt. [I had no idea where what I saw  really came from – anus or vagina.]


Upon mentioning this, he told me that Patty had been there early in the morning before the work crew showed up and said she is always looking for a ‘money shot’.


He said it was a prolapsed uterus and there was no foal. After the call, I saw a link to prolapsed uterus on Merck Vet Manual

“Uterine prolapse is a disorder in which the uterus turns inside out and protrudes out of the vagina. It is rare in horses, but may occur immediately after or within a few hours of delivery of a foal. When it does occur, uterine prolapse is a serious problem that requires immediate veterinary attention because a major blood vessel can be damaged, causing the mare to bleed to death.”

The left photo is what a prolapsed uterus looks like :


excerpt of this source: Brood mare Problems in Late Gestation or Foaling by Bruce W. Christensen, DVM, MS Diplomat, American College of Theriogenologists University of California, Davis William R. Prichard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital pages 56 and 57


Sometime during the day yesterday, I learned that someone had called PVC and was told it was a prolapsed rectum (middle photo above is a prolapsed rectum). However neither a prolapsed uterus or rectum look like what happened to the dead mare in Patty’s photo.


The 12th photo in the series of A Sequential Pictorial Essay of a Foaling) looks more like that whitish bubble I saw in Patty Summerson-Bumgarner’s photo of the dead mare at Palomino Valley Center which can be seen HERE .

A Sequential Pictorial Essay of a Foaling contains photos of the birthing process for a mare; look at the 12th photo (4th row of photos on the right) Click HERE to see the excerpts below in context and photos of the entire birthing process of an equine.

Within 20 minutes of the passage of the allantoic fluid, the white amniotic membrane should become visible. If the membrane that appears is red, do not hesitate to intervene and rupture that membrane manually, seeking the white membrane within, and manually encouraging passage of the foal. A red membrane is indicative of a “red bag delivery”, meaning that the allantoic membrane failed to rupture, but rather is separating from the lining of the uterus, and the foal is in danger of suffocation.
Within the white membrane, you should now see the appearance of a foot, followed shortly by another foot, and then the nose. If you have seen the appearance of the white membrane, and no foot within 20 minutes, or a foot and no second foot or the nose within 15 minutes, you should – if experienced in foaling – determine the position of the foal, or if not experienced, get your veterinarian out – you may be looking at a dystocia (malpresentation) situation, and time is of the essence to achieve a healthy outcome (and even then, you may not).


Why did  John Neill tell KTVN a two year old mare died in the birthing process and foal was delivered? Why was I told it was a prolapsed uterus and others told it was a prolapsed rectum? The mare in Patty Summerson-Bumgarner’s photo died in labor and there is no foal. Why did  PVC say that a mare died leaving behind a one  month colt and is now cared for?


It’s quite possible two mares died but the one in the Patty’s photo HERE  did not produce a foal because the birthing sack appeared as a bubble and her belly was very swollen therefore the foal died and did not go anywhere except to the renderers along with the mare.


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6 Responses to “Two year old Pregnant Mare Dies at Palomino Valley Center”

  1. Lesanne Burchell July 12, 2015 at 8:53 pm #

    I saw the photos of this gray mare. This was a foal in sac starting to be born presenting head and probably front hooves. I raise horses. I have witnessed foals being born. No prolapse here. This mare suffered terribly. No one was there to help or give pain relief. The Feds just passed a law making animal cruelty a felony Ironic how the BLM is guilty of their own law. If this bureau is going to hold these horse in overcrowded, small areas without shade in the sweltering heat, not enough water to drink, then they need to assume the responsibility of providing them with the care they deserve.

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    • Paula Martin July 13, 2015 at 7:46 am #

      You are so right, the BLM holds people wanting to adopt to those standards but do not provide them to the horses themselves, that in it self is animals abuse.


  2. janecheuvront July 13, 2015 at 5:04 am #

    There is no way possible that this foal survived. It’s simple biology no oxygen and this baby suffocated.


    • Janet Curtis July 13, 2015 at 8:14 pm #

      i talked to him before he left there tere is no one there on wkends i asked him how are they doing and why no shelter? oh shelter may injure them and be illegal? oh i check on them b4 i leave? no he didnt he left and she was already dead sob


  3. nk4g2 July 13, 2015 at 9:16 pm #

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  1. Two year old Pregnant Mare Dies at Palomino Valley Center | nk4g2 - July 13, 2015

    […] Two year old Pregnant Mare Dies at Palomino Valley Center. […]


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