This Is Horse Slaughter In Canada

22 Nov

A heart wrenching description of horse slaughter; no graphic photos but nevertheless, heart-wrenching! Many of the people who send their horses to auctions have no idea what happens to horses if they are sold to ‘horse traders’; many, if not all, are kill-buyers as was pointed out. Horse owners who love their horses need to be educated about the horse slaughter pipeline from USA to the abattoirs in Canada and Mexico.

Try as we might, not enough USA Senators have co-sponsored Senate bill S541 but many more Representatives have co-sponsored HR1094. However, neither bills have the support of the majorities in each chamber of congress. Some of the congressmen have said they would vote for the bills if these bill came to the respective floors for a vote. But the real problem is the committees in which these bills are stuck; the chairmen of the committees are against stopping horse slaughter in America. A little bit of hope since the midterm elections earlier this month – one more Senator and six more Representatives have co-sponsored – it’s a ray of hope that I never expected.


bouvry protest October 2013 protest at the Bouvry horse slaughter plant just outside of Fort Macleod, Alberta

Written by: Brian

I’m not sure which horse is haunting me the most. There was Jack. Big part draft gelding, 23 years old. Skinny as skinny, with large white saddle sore scars. Someone used him hard and threw him away.

Ginger was 26, from the same place as Jack. Friendly and gentle. She came to the fence to say hello.

The Percheron filly was a black beauty. After her trip to Alberta she might be one of the chosen ones to be shipped live from the Calgary airport. If she survives the trip (sometimes all the horses arrive dead), she’ll be slaughtered in Japan and served up raw as a high priced delicacy.

Twenty year old Copper won’t be as tender. He had some hard miles on him.

The dunn mare was in her prime…

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One Response to “This Is Horse Slaughter In Canada”

  1. Barbara Warner January 6, 2015 at 6:46 am #

    So sad that people betray their horses by sending them to slaughter. How can humans be so uncaring and cruel?


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