Spin, lies and BLM’s advisor Boyd Spratling DVM

3 Nov

Spin, lies and BLM’s advisor Boyd Spratling D.V.M. | Protect Mustangs™.

Boyd Sprattling, DVM, BLM Wild horse and Burro advisory board member

Boyd Sprattling, DVM, BLM Wild horse and Burro advisory board member

Besides some of the comments made by ranchers, and Boyd Spratling DVM, BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory board member, I could not believe my eyes when I got to the end of the video and saw that Protect the Harvest and UNITED HORSEMEN made and produced this video!
BLM’s public stance is against sending wild horses and burros to slaughter.  So why is the advisory board stacked with people who want horse slaughter started again in the USA?  I’ve watched the live-stream of the advisory board meetings for the past few years and went to one in Sacramento in March 2014. Throughout all these meetings, horse slaughter is either directly mentioned or alluded to as an option for what to do with the wild horses.
Boyd Spratling’s term expires on Jan 27, 2015 and Callie Hendrickson’s term also expires that day – both are supporters of horse slaughter; most likely both will be replaced by more horse slaughter advocates.
I find it appalling that this board is stacked with ranchers and horse slaughter advocates and not one person on the board is an environmentalist or an expert on horse welfare.
See the advisory board members and when their term expires HERE
See the video at:  Spin, lies and BLM’s advisor Boyd Spratling D.V.M. | Protect Mustangs™.



One Response to “Spin, lies and BLM’s advisor Boyd Spratling DVM”

  1. Bonnie Jean Wagner November 3, 2014 at 10:05 pm #

    What is wrong with this picture??….Private interests WANT the land. It is all about money. The people of USA don’t have a say!! The BLM is appointed members. They are NOT animal lovers or “Think” like caring citizen’s who know what the wild mustangs are about our history, & they were protected in a legislative bill in 1971!! What has changed? They have their own rules and do not care what public thinks. Why can’t some land be delegated to mustangs as their land ( before we were here!) Mustangs are useful, intelligent ,living beings who have lived in the wild for century’s, making family’s, protecting themselves AND DO NOT damage land as I have seen Cattle do. Cattle eat all grass down to nothing so ends up just dirt. The mustangs travel to different areas to feed and leave grass there to re-grow! It is just WRONG to have Round ups where mustangs are injured or killed and it splits up their family’s. They are Not human but DO have feelings and a sense of family and history. Can be trained, can be saved to go to wild mustang sanctuary’s. All this because the DOI & BLM have and will NOT listen!
    This procedure is breaking some laws and definetly is animal cruelty!! This is Not 1930’s! There are other solutions!!!!

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