Hot August Nights No Fun for Some

3 Aug

After recently looking at all the horses and burros available for adoption in the short-term holding pens via the BLM Internet Adoption auction, many of them have suffered more that two freezing winters without out shelter from the wind in winter or two sweltering hot summers without shade, with nothing to do as well. Even though the wild horses and burros are supposed to be protected by BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program, so far all we’ve seen is BLM WH&B program jump through hoops for the cattle ranchers and ignores every request or offer of help by the public to construct some shelter for the horses from the sun and wind, built in the corrals, free of charge. Sure would be appreciated if HSUS would speak up about the lack of  a CAWP.   ~admin

Hot August Nights No Fun for Some by Monika Courtney


The public’s appreciation for wild horses is strong. So is the call for a moratorium on round ups and reform within. Now, mid-late 2014, we have gained:

1)  NAS recommendations stating helicopter round ups are cruel and restructure of standards are long overdue.

2)  A “workshop” (2013) with concentrated efforts by the public to assist / provide input for shelter in holding.

3)  A clear recognition by unbiased equine experts and the tax-paying public that relief is needed and warranted – written input and recommendations and much more, submitted at Reno workshop.

4) Yet, we have gained NOTHING in all aspects, such as: increased comfort, shade/shelter, CAWP (Comprehensive Animal Welfare Program), or common ground as discussed during Advisory Board meeting in DC of last year. Concrete inquiries thereof are ignored.

5)  And more herds are destroyed, wiped out and sent to government suffering.

July 10, 2014 91 degrees Palomino Valley BLM Photo by P Bumgarner  ("left there close to noon, after trying to cool down in the office")

July 10, 2014 91 degrees Palomino Valley BLM Photo by P Bumgarner (“left there close to noon, after trying to cool down in the office”)

Concerns of wild horses being funneled to slaughter through tribal nations possibly government funded for this are stronger than ever. The association of Boyd Spratling  (BLM Board / DVM) to United Horsemen and cattle men who want to rid our wild horses with slaughter, is alarming.

The HSUS remains silent, while BLM spins their way out of cruel treatment, frivolous use of taxpayer monies, and protection of the welfare ranching industry. While offers by individuals like me to raise funds to accommodate the need for “increased comfort” aka shade are ignored, a dubious shade trial geared to appease further delays the topic at core is prevalent.

For those needing a look at the ongoing crisis, please see this:

Please send letters. Voice your outrage over the lack of CAWP and innovative shade / shelter for severe weather protocol. Horses step into snow on mountain tops to cool down in summer, and seek shade, a clear, logical proven fact, continuously refuted by BLM minimalist “trials” to possibly announce the non-utilization in the near future to further dismiss the topic.

Wild horses seek shade to survive summer heat, near Dayton, NV July 23 2014 photo taken by : Lea Harney Dudum

The violation of humane standards cannot be tolerated !

Where is the Humane Society of the United States? Where is  improvement suggested in a letter to BLM by Holly Hazard of HSUS, last summer? Was that just a placating appeal or a perfunctory duty? What is the HSUS’s work in this besides the devotion for contraception – but the cruelties of stampedes and social disruption of horses ? Why the lack of disclosure in “All Animals” of the horror, destruction and chaos in round ups?  Why not show the squalor of holding camps to the membership?  Where is CAWP?  Where is any reform – preached by Abbey back when, then Guilfoyle, then Roberson?

Then BLM contracts a pro-slaughter defender (during the debate over Prop. 6 in CA, who lobbied hard for the AVMA) – another paid “expert” to join the ranks of BLM propaganda – to establish (in the face of public outrage) the non-need of shade for wild (but trapped!) ones, because there are “no” studies??  There is plenty of evidence by experts who know the range and wild horses’ needs and behaviour in the wild – photos were mounted on poster boards and submitted at workshop. To denounce their need for shade from heat stress in barren feed lot setups is ridiculous !

Why do the wild horses of America not get a fair shake?

These two deaths could have been avoided – yet the bad norm goes on. A lack of federal guidelines and modern humanity goes on. Inquiries are ignored – of horses being choked by extreme tight tags, horses suffering in the sweltering heat and horses disappearing. Yet… bureaucratic trials and costly, unnecessary studies are established instead of real reform.


Feeling choked ? Photo courtesy by P. Bumgarner

Feeling choked ? Photo courtesy by P. Bumgarner 

Ask yourself if this is how democracy operates. I believe not. I am still waiting for a reply by Debbie Collins, and Zachary Reichold of PVC on the latest, re CAWP, helicopter “data” submitted to BLM by Dr. Stull in May, and real, effective shelter progress. In plain- just an update of all they keep promising us, since years. I am also waiting for help by HSUS, beyond the donation of tarps for sick pens or the good work they do against slaughter. Help for the wild ones, as they suffer the most, a demonstration of common ground and solutions that serve the wild horses, the symbol of freedom in this United Land of the Free. 

Palomino Valley Hay Storage photo ©2011 afroditi katsikis
Shade for hay but not horses! Palomino Valley hay storage photo ©2011 afroditi katsikis



9 Responses to “Hot August Nights No Fun for Some”

  1. Barbara Warner August 3, 2014 at 10:50 am #

    The abuse to our wild horses is an atrocity but BLM has no compassion. HSUS could and should be helping to stop all roundups but instead just promotes fertility control when there is no excess population. Extincyion is next.

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  2. Nancy August 3, 2014 at 4:00 pm #

    Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD".


  3. Susan Rudnicki August 4, 2014 at 9:32 am #

    Wayne Pacelle, Stephanie Boyles, Holly Hazard, Heidi Hopkins—just some of the nefarious, prevaricating shape shifters operating to pull millions from the public with whining campaigns about puppy mill dogs, while the wild horses in “horse mills” of equally disgusting conditions NEVER have their photos disseminated to the HSUS membership. The Humane Society says it has too many other campaigns they are working on to give this one its due—so that is supposed to explain the complete media blackout on showing the gulags of wild horses living in filth, confinement, and no shelter. Go on their expensive, detailed website and see if you can find ANY videos or photos of the roundups, the helicopter hazing, the sweat and exhaustion in all extreme weather, the injuries and foal deaths—-they will SHOW NONE OF IT—because they are arm in arm with the BLM, in the vain attempt to “change slowly from within, while using the threat of media exposure to change the BLM internal culture” They NEVER have made good on that threat, despite some of their own staff having witnessed vicious acts of cruelty and death firsthand. Their strategy is glacially slow, and inexcusably compromised by telling activists only the HSUS knows how to fix this awful bureaucracy—so just get out of their faces. I have received email responses from Ms Hazard to this exact effect.
    For domestic horses, living in close contact with humans, HSUS seems to feel it is important to be pro-active and show the evidence with documentation—soring Tennessee Walkers, equine slaughter. For the mustangs and burros—far away in the West might as well be on the moon, for all the HSUS heirarchy care and exhibit their significant muscle in pushing the BLM to actually stop fleecing the public for a broken agency and contracting for more time-wasting “studies” of no-brainer issues.
    I have been pleading with Humane Society for years to just show the membership the photos and videos, in the way they show the squalor of puppy mills, CAFOs,and other animal abuse. They are as good at making excuses and lecturing arrogantly as their comrades in arms, the BLM. Their whole and abiding interest is simply the PZP program—not showing the conditions of suffering and cruelty. It is appalling, and they betray the founder’s mission, Mr Chenoweth, from 1956, by thought, word and deed.
    The organization is a scandal in its selectivity to which animals deserve to suffer and which do not. Susan Rudnicki, Manhattan Beach CA

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  4. WestDeltaGirl August 4, 2014 at 12:39 pm #

    Glad to see that the Desert Independent share’s our views:

    Government Stonewalls while Horses Bake
    The persecution of our wild horses is a national disgrace…
    Editorial by ROBERT WINKLER
    Publisher, The Desert Independent
    August 3, 2014
    Another summer has come with its heat scorching down upon the wild horses while government stonewalling continues to keep them cruelly contained in their hot-box pens without shade. Next time you stand in the hot sun, think how nice it could be to stand under a tree or canopy to get some relief. The horses feel this misery every day. ”–0803.html#.U96ijJvdDzw.twitter


  5. cindymendoza47 August 4, 2014 at 4:12 pm #

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  6. cindymendoza47 August 4, 2014 at 6:00 pm #

    my god do people really think animal have no feelings ? i am sickened by humanity , i look a look at the young people today, i live in northern texas and the hate i see in some of their eyes , and wonder who made you like this … so i tried to make a difference and the ones that i did help did very well. but the b.l.m has that look in their eyes when they talk to the camera’s have you ever noticed …. if the work you do makes you like that get out of it . you know those horses need shade .shelter surely they are not that dense .i feel very sorry for any animals that they own . if they treated there animals so i would expect hsus to be right up their as s

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