Migros Will NOT Be Buying Horse Meat from Bouvry in Canada

6 Jun

This is a good step in the right direction, but it doesn’t end horse slaughter since Migros will continue to look for other sources that comply with the Animal welfare laws in Switzerland. 

Migros Cooperative Association Press release :


Migros does not receive more horse meat from producer Bouvry from Canada

Zurich (ots) – The horses mast Bouvry from Canada does not meet the requirements of the Migros to the animal welfare. Therefore, the Migros stops the sale and will lead a reduced range of horse meat products until they find a new supplier who can comply with the Swiss animal welfare legislation.

The improvement of animal welfare at home and abroad is a central concern for Migros. In Switzerland, it is a pioneer with their labels TerraSuisse and Migros Bio. When importing, it has set itself the ambitious target within the Generation M to bring up in 2020, all foreign suppliers on the state of the strict Swiss regulations. In the area of ​​turkeys and rabbits, it is the Migros succeeded in Hungary together with its suppliers to build a production that act responsibly with animals and is the Swiss animal welfare legislation requirements. For its international commitment, Migros has recently received the Swiss Ethics Award.

When horsemeat Migros launched in 2013 a specific project to improve animal welfare. She defined clear guidelines for the producer Bouvry in Canada and supported him in the implementation. Various measures such as the construction of a modern abattoir were implemented. The supplier’s efforts but did not go far enough, especially in the origin of the horse and animal care. This was an independent control. Therefore, the Migros waived further collaboration with producer Bouvry. Migros respects existing contracts and stops the sale in a few weeks.

Migros is committed to finding an alternative. Foreign suppliers only come to train when they are able to comply with the Swiss animal welfare legislation. In the meantime, Migros will lead a reduced range, which comes from Swiss production.
Zurich, June 6, 2014

source: Migros does not receive more horse meat from producer Bouvry from Canada (PICTURE) | Press release Migros Cooperative Association.

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