Canadian Parliament Defeats Food Safety Bill C-571

15 May

The Canadian House of Commons voted on whether C-571 should continue on to committee yesterday May 15, 2014,  for further consideration of the food safety laws and regulations in place regarding the slaughtering of horses. Most horses in Canada and all horses in America are not in the food pipeline. In America, horses are not regulated as food animals yet they still end up on the dinner plates in the global marketplace! C-571 could have stopped this and their reputation of safe food would not be sullied…sigh… it was defeated!

NDP Press Release:




Alex Atamanenko, MP (BC Southern Interior) issued the following statement in Ottawa regarding parliament’s defeat last night of his Bill C-571 through which he hoped to overhaul the horse meat industry in the interests of food safety:

“I am very dismayed that my Bill C-571 did not get quite enough support in Parliament to pass on to Committee stage where it would have received thorough scrutiny and proper debate. I had hoped to follow an example set by the EU to have the same food safety standards, transparency and accountability applied to the horse meat industry as is required of all animals that are raised to produce food for the human food chain.

Horses are commonly and even routinely administered a long list of common medications labelled as toxic and not intended for use in food animals because no safe limits or withdrawals periods have been established.

Unlike the cattle industry where food production is its primary purpose, the horse slaughter for meat industry mainly exists to dispose of the industrial by-product from the equine sporting industry where abuse and overuse of drugs is rampant.

By presenting arguments based on food safety, science and legal accountability, renowned international equestrian Victoria McCullough and Florida State Senator Joseph Abruzzo recently effected a nearly unanimous and non-partisan decision in the US Congress to keep American slaughterhouses closed to horses. It is striking that Canada’s parliament just voted to ignore the same science and facts to give priority to industry profits.

I would like to thank all my MP colleagues that supported my bill. My warmest thanks go out to all those who worked so tirelessly to gather signatures on petitions and to the thousands of Canadians who signed those petitions or wrote their MPs in support of Bill C-571. A very special thank you to Sinikka Crosland of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition who together with Humane Society International / Canada have worked so hard to bring about action to clean up the shady and irresponsible practices of this unnecessary industry.


Apparently the Canadian House of Commons could care less about their food safety issues…what a disappointment! We know it wasn’t the perfect solution, but if it had become law, at least the horses without an EID could not be slaughtered in Canada and the US Canadian border would be shut to imports of slaughter bound American horses.
Read about how the vote went in the Canadian House of Commons yesterday on:
Canadian Horse Defence Coalition 
Please be Our Voice!  ©2013 afroditi katsikis

Please be Our Voice! ©2013 afroditi katsikis

There is still a chance for the USA to shut it’s borders to exporting horses for slaughter by passing the Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2013.
Open a POPVOX account to send a message to your US Representative and comment in support of the House Bill HR.1094  and then comment on the Senate Bill S.541 to send a message to your Senator!
Time is of the essence: In a few short months the USDA/FSIS defunding language will no longer be in place and S.541 & HR.1094 expire in early January 2015. To see what else you can do to help pass the S.A.F.E. Act of 2013 go HERE


Join the herd against horse slaughter in the USA photo ©2013 afroditi katsikis

Like this Facebook page: Safeguard American Food Exports Act S541 & Hr1094 to keep informed of the horse related legislation in the USA.


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