Monero Mustangs Urgently Needs Donations for Hay

1 Apr


The El Rito Spanish Mustang ‘Luz Azul’ (Blue Light) One of the goals of Monero Mustangs is to preserve and protect the vanishing genetic pool of a historic colonial Spanish herd located in the rough mountain country of northern New Mexico (northwest of well known (Georgia O’Keefe Country) Abiquiu, NM).

Monero Mustangs needs donations for hay,  operating expenses, hauling and locating pasture permanently or temporarily. Sandi Claypool, Monero Mustangs founder, does nothing that is not connected to her horses everyday. Through some bad illnesses and without help at times, she has done a Herculean job of caring for and moving her horses as needed.

There is an anonymous donor who has pledged to donate a matching gift up to $2000.00 to help out in this crisis. This  means that for every dollar donated, two dollars will go to the horses.

Donate to Monero Mustangs click HERE

Sandi Claypool announced today that if the horses are not moved before Saturday, April 5, 2014, they will be penned up and fed in corrals starting Saturday. They will be kept in pens until suitable places for them to go can be found!

Earlier this week Sandy Claypool provided this information:

“Monero Mustangs is up against the wall right now. We had pasture for the horses till end of April, and people who would have been ready to take them then. Spring came really early here, earliest I have ever seen in 30 years of living here, and we have been told we need to move them from the winter pasture. The place they were to be moved to is not ready, and we have no where to go, and are running out of hay.

We desperately need places for them or at least temporary pasture. Would be willing to move them in small family bands, or in any way we could. We have around 90 horses needing a place to go, and are working on finding anything right now, but it has been slow. We have babies up to old horses, a couple of expectant mares, etc. Any help or ideas appreciated, we were told to be moving them by this weekend. We are pretty worried right now for the horses.”



Sandi Claypool, Monero Mustangs founder

Background Info

In 2000, Sandi Claypool, founded Monero Mustangs with the help of her now deceased mother, Ila Bromberg.  In 2003, Monero Mustangs became a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Monero Mustangs mission is to keep alive the genetic pool of the original Spanish El Rito mustang by purchasing and selectively breeding horses to produce the genetically pure descendants of the original Spanish mustang. Additionally, Monero Mustang educates the public about the treasure of this regal and adaptive group of mustangs that helped build the west, through wild horse eco-tours and sponsoring select mustangs. A compassion to preserve and protect a small band of vanishing ‘El Rito’ spanish mustangs propelled the vision of Monero Mustangs.

In 2008, Monero Mustangs moved to ‘Yellow Hills Ranch’ in Tierra Amarilla NM, calling this ranch thier home. Over the years Monero has purchased more El Rito mustangs, and mustangs from other regions such as, the Placita’s, the Pryors, Salt River Maricopa Pima mustangs, along with Navajo mustangs and special individual mustangs.

Contact or Donate to Monero Mustangs click HERE

Learn more about sponsoring a horse click HERE

Purchase a Monero Mustangs branded item HERE

Show your support for Monero Mustangs on their facebook page HERE 

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  1. Mar Wargo April 1, 2014 at 5:34 pm #

    Thank you, Afroditi!! And nice talking to you.


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