CHDC Completes 4th ATI Request from LPN Slaughterhouse – Late Stage Pregnant Mares Shipped Again

24 Mar

When it comes to horse slaughter – all the rules and regulations are ignored by the kill buyers and the slaughter plants and nothing is done by the regulators of those plants! We must get the Safeguard for American Food Export Act of 2013 passed — it will close the borders to horse slaughter. Closing the borders could close some of those, if not all, of the Canadian plants down since a majority of the horses come from the USA.

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Mare in late stage pregnancy (does not depict either mare described in the ATI documents) Mare in late stage pregnancy (does not depict any of the mares described in the ATI documents)

Once again we read that late-term mares were shipped and no one flagged them in an obvious state of pregnancy.  One would assume that the CFIA inspectors and the veterinarian on staff at LPN would be sufficiently familiar with horse physiology to recognize a late term pregnant mare and, at the minimum, flag these mares for greater scrutiny before slaughter.

Also in this ATI, an additional mare arrives at LPN and is dehydrated over 12% – a case where imminent death would be expected if action not taken immediately.  The mare received no water during her transport and while in the pens at LPN,  her proximity to a dominant horse had prevented her from drinking.

A pregnant mare in the last 10% of gestation is considered to be a fragile animal and unfit…

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