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13 Dec

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As the president of CAES, let me say thank you so much for speaking out and sharing our information in order to put a stop to equine slaughter. As a former USDA veterinarian and USDA meat inspector, I have witnessed horrendous cruelties in the slaughter plants. As much as I tried to do my job in protecting livestock from inhumane treatment by these plants, I was thwarted at every turn until they fired me because I was costing the plants too much money.

Now we are faced with the task of preventing equines from being a part of this cruel industry, and the only way to put a stop to the possibility of equine slaughter opening up again for business is through the justice system by filing lawsuits against the USDA and the Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS).

I have dedicated years to this cause, and I am still haunted by the specter of animals vocalizing in pain and agony, with no way of correcting these inhumane activities due to the unending pressure from supervisors and others. The violations of the Humane Slaughter Act that are committed daily in slaughter plants across this country are too diabolical to describe, but somehow, somewhere, We The People, We must make it stop.

Now they want to slaughter horses, mules, and burros and these animals are even harder to slaughter within the guidelines of the Humane Slaughter Act because, horses are flight animals and obtaining a correct target is difficult to do as their heads are moving from fright and panic. We must, all of us horse activists, join together, resources and all, to make sure our equines never have to endure the torture that will come to them if horse slaughter is allowed to resume in the US.

This is where you come in! With your monthly donation of $10.00, it will fund our lawsuits that will be needed to fight for the rights of our horses! Each and every horse activist that reads this message, becomes a monthly donor and spreads this message to others so they too can become monthly donors, will help us stop the prospect of horse slaughter resuming in this great country of ours.


Our goal is to get 2000 donors with a $10.00 per month donation. This will bring in $20,000.00 a month which would give us a secure financial base to support our lawsuit and our work to stop the slaughter of equines.

We understand the financial burden everyone is under these days and the potential loss if we lose at trial so in asking a small amount of investment, equivalent to two Latte’s a month. We feel it’s a small sacrifice towards a potentially huge, exciting, and educational case against the cruelty which our government allows to continue. We want to expose to the American Taxpayer what is really going on in these slaughter plants across this country and what our equines will face if they don’t have the US citizens there to fight for them.

We are planning other lawsuits against the BLM for removing wild mustangs from their lawful Herd Areas. Only with your help can we can continue our grievances through trial courts and educational programs.

Thank you for your support!

Dr. Lester Friedlander

Go here to make a donation:
No Equine Slaughter DONATE TODAY! » No Equine Slaughter.

CAES Donate Page 2 (640x480)


4 Responses to “No Equine Slaughter DONATE TODAY to CAES!”

  1. Betty Kelly (@BettyKelly38) December 26, 2013 at 12:43 pm #

    RE: 6-11-2011 Action Alert: BLM to Hold Public Hearing on use of Motorized Vehicles and Aircraft to Manage Wild Horses and Burros
    Here’s your chance to tell the BLM what you think about how they round-up wild horses and burros.

    12-25-2013 I know my input is after the fact. But FYI this annual “public” hearing by BLM is only a requirement by law, a joke, and any suggestions are ignored, etc. In the past I attended two such hearings in Reno. At the end of the hearing I asked the presiding officer if any suggestions expressed would change BLM’s policy. She said, No. As I said, this Elko hearing use to be held in Reno NV, but was intentionally move to a remote rural site (Elko NV) that is not easily accessible to the majority of Nevada citizens, only to the people that are proponents of motorized vehicles (heli) and proponents to annihilate wild horses-burros from their legal lands with the goal of continuing to replace OUR public lands with more of their domestic overgrazing livestock, big game animals for their pleasurable hunting, etc. Another related scam by this domestic livestock controlled agency was to move the brand certificates to remote Elko NV from central and populated Reno NV, which makes it almost impossible to gain access to these. This is the MO of how these welfare cronies work, all the while living off taxpayers. Laughing all the way to their Elko banks.


    • WestDeltaGirl December 26, 2013 at 1:04 pm #

      Thanks Betty. I know they don’t lsten to a word that is said by horse advocates and that everything said and done by the ‘contractors’ is taken as the gospel truth. BLM is corrupt to the core!



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