Navajo Leader Drops His Support for Slaughter of Wild Horses on the Reservation

7 Oct

This is great  news for the horses and the Navajo Nation!  President Ben Shelly changed his mind about horse slaughter!


2 Responses to “Navajo Leader Drops His Support for Slaughter of Wild Horses on the Reservation”

  1. Annie Mond October 8, 2013 at 1:08 pm #

    comment on this article from Leland Grass
    Leland Grass: Just let you guys know. They (Ben shelly) is planning extreme rules. NN is not about to stop the Rd up of horses til they are completely satisfied. Its temp stop, not complete stop. I not hearing anything from the office of BEN shelly except he’s wannbes forth frontline talking trash. I’m not completely surprise how he handling this. He only listen to the outside people to make a temp stop?! Something is fishy going on. Why can’t he stopped it when they Nohooka’ Dine’ made out the resolution. in course of two month he played with our emotions and hurt us genuine Dine’ and (OUR HORSES)- The damage is done. and now he has a outsider talked and decided to stop for temp.Well, it don’t sound right to me. I will keep doing what im doing til he leave our animals alone this includes NN gov’t and BIA. We don’t need to get a loan from Agriculture to run our cornfields and animals , we can do with out them. In peace treaty The fed suppose to fund our lands with educations, health, and culture re-develope. Today instead we get churches, military training for USA, and mean Gov’t take over on our way of life and culture. Ill be waiting for NN Press Release (hope today) as it was mention in NYtimes- below. One more tooth might fall out with their lies. If they are youth, they luck- they can re-grow one. If they old. either they go to the dental get John Wayne’s and George W. tooth or just plain don’t lie any longer. Be a dine’ i am i give em a choice. its up to them how they run their walk. If they can’t keep their words or instead do the other, man, their is a horse nation in covenant world of the creator law to pay for.


    • WestDeltaGirl October 8, 2013 at 2:47 pm #

      Thanks for sharing Annie…Thank you Leland Grass for speaking the truth. If is smells like fish means there is a dead one closeby!


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