Commend Girl for Rescuing Slaughter-Bound Horses – ForceChange

24 Sep

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Commend Girl for Rescuing Slaughter-Bound Horses


Dreamer and Murphy

Dreamer and Murphy

Target: Meghan Murphy

Goal: Commend a brave girl for saving two young horses from slaughter

Meghan Murphy, a 12 year old girl from Maine, was looking online for a horse to lease when she came across a website called Auction Horses. She decided that instead of using the money she had saved from mowing lawns, babysitting, and doing odd jobs on leasing a horse, she would rescue one from slaughter.

“I clicked on [the link] and I saw there was this little 11-month-old that they were going to kill, and they were stopping feeding him on the day that I had found him,” Meghan said. “I decided that I couldn’t spend my money on me just getting a horse to ride when a horse is going to die if I didn’t help him.” She named the 11 month-old colt Dreamer, short for Dream Catcher.

She ended saving not just one horse, but two. She named the other colt Murphy.

“Dreamer wouldn’t get on the trailer without [Murphy], so I said I’d take both of them,” she said. “I just decided that if I didn’t save him, he was going to die. He was only 4 months old. So it was a pretty easy decision.”

Horse meat can’t currently be sold in the United States, but it can be exported, and is sold for consumption in China, Russia, Mexico and other countries. “Kill buyers,” who buy horses at auction for as little as $20 a head, ship them over the border to be sent to slaughter. Many auction horses end up with this sad fate. There are kill pens over the border in Canada where horses in Maine get shipped, Meghan said, as well as in Mexico. Slaughter houses are also scheduled to open in several U.S. states.

However sad slaughter may be, the problem is the breeders. Meghan recognizes this as well. “Slaughter really exists because of overbreeding, breeders and backyard breeders,” she says. Indiscriminate breeding of mares causes a surplus of horses, many of which are not useful animals due to conformation faults, bad temperaments, and other soundness issues. These horses would ideally live out their lives in a pasture, but sadly, this is rarely the case. Horses are expensive to feed and take care of properly, and sometimes even useful animals end up at an auction going to slaughter.

The difference Meghan made in these two horses lives is commendable. Her selflessness is remarkable, and Dreamer and Murphy will hopefully live a long, healthy life under her care.


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  1. motmot2013 September 26, 2013 at 9:44 am #

    Love You Meghan! Do you know Robbyn Warren?


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