Digital Activism Tactics: TweetStorms

21 Sep

Helpful blog about TweetStorms has links to translations of this blog to 12 other languages.

Global Freedom Movement

In the past month the community of activists on FaceBook and Twitter have been experimenting with a new form of protest, the “TweetStorm”.

What is a TweetStorm?

It’s a coordinated action by many users to send the same tweet out at the same time, generating a “storm” of tweets

How does it work?

Anyone can call for a TweetStorm, you just need to decide:

  1. What will be in the tweet[s] (the text and what hashtags, any special user to target, eg @whitehouse)
  2. What time it has to be sent (essential to choose a time you know lots of supporters are usually online)

What next?

You have to tell people about the TweetStorm, and ask them to get involved by supporting it (sending out a tweet or setting up a scheduled tweet – see below) and by spreading the idea to their followers!

Then, you all either keep the TweetStorm text somewhere…

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