Pets or Livestock

13 Sep

And let’s not forget how the kill-buyers dump horses in western border states that have been rejected by the agents for Mexican slaughter houses stationed at the border. They   approve or reject horses before crossing the border.  Those that are rejected are too old, injured or not heavy enough to be worth slaughtering so they are dumped in Native American’s reservations and other public lands, are left to fend for themselves or die.  Domestic horses don’t have the knowledge or experience to fend for themselves.



I recently joined a blog on NPR refuting the arguments of the obviously pro horse slaughter writer of the article, however after trying to post my reply 3 times and 3 times having it not be shown I thought I would post my comments here for anyone who was interested.

I am sad to say that it sounds like Frank Morris of NPR did not do his research and actively looked for horse slaughter proponents. Domestic slaughter houses never dealt in old and sick horses.  All slaughter auctions (like Fallon) post signs that they do not accept old, sick or lame horses. They only want the young, healthy animals, foals included. Horse slaughter proponents try to sell the story that there is an unmanageable horse surplus”, that slaughter is a good way to get rid of “surplus horses”, it is more humane and slaughter is a good way to “euthanize”…

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