Candles of Love December 1, 2012- Fundraiser

21 Nov

Things I remember

Most about you

Are not the recent

Times I mourned

But of days

Spent together

Moments we shared

Unconditional love


You touched and

Warmed my heart

Your liquid eyes

Pools of trust

Irresistible connection

From that moment

Until even now

Your blessings remain


I’ll add my

Candles of love

To numerous candles lit

By those who understand

The indelible marks

Compassionate animals

Leave upon us humans

A mighty wealth of love


December First

Words spoken after sunset

Our candles lighting the sky

A glowing tribute

To all animal life

For the lives of

Those we shared and

For those we could not save
(poem written by Anne St. Michael 11-13-12)
Donate a candle today and write a your personal dedication.



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