Catch MORE Flies with Honey

1 Aug

Recently there was a horse rescue situation where a post on the internet stated there were some mustangs in danger of going to slaughter if they weren’t bought by a specific date. A phone number to call was listed in the post. The price was very cheap for the eight horses and foals and it was very likely a kill buyer would make a handsome profit at horsemeat rates on the hoof –considering what the horse owner had posted as the sale price.

This request for help was subsequently posted all over the internet very quickly. Upon reading about the situation, reputable horse rescuers contacted the owner for details and jumped into action to find a safe place for the mustangs. They also raised money to pay for vetting, transportation and food and found a transporter to bring them to safety. All these arrangements were made before the deadline.

Four Horses

But at the last minute, a friend of the family had decided to take them!

During the time the post ran, the horse’s owner was getting nasty phone calls including screaming, cussing about the threat to send the horses to slaughter! This behavior does not help the horses and may jeopardize the outcome for the horses in addition to damaging the reputation of horse rescue groups and the work they do to rescue unwanted horses from slaughter or abuse.

At the end of this ordeal, the owner stated that she would probably not enlist the help of horse rescuers again if she would ever need help with a horse again. Most likely the people who called with nasty comments or left threatening messages were not bona fide horse rescuers; otherwise they would have known you can catch more flies with honey…

People who help a horse in danger gather all the facts of the situation and do not demean the person with the problem. It turned out this owner was told by her family she had to get rid of the horses or they would send them to slaughter. She was trying to save them from slaughter and yet ironically, she was accused of trying to send them to slaughter.

Perhaps this owner should not have put her number in the initial plea for help and she should have tried contacting a local rescue’s help first before announcing to the world that they would be headed to slaughter –very simple mistakes because she didn’t know better.

The callers who screamed and cussed at her, did NOT help the situation at all. If she really did want them to go to slaughter, she would have been turned off right away, hung up and sent them to slaughter and would have made more money than she was asking.

If you’re going to get involved in rescue, get the facts and never demean the person with the problem. Being polite in a situation like this has more likelihood of success than carrying on like uncouth lowlifes. The situation the horses were in was happily resolved but there are many situations like this that are not. Be part of the solution; do not add to the problem.

Experienced horses rescuers know how to act when talking to a stranger on the phone that has horses needing help. They must act and sound as if they are meeting face-to-face and introduce themselves as if meeting them in a professional setting. Most people will not trust an overly excited person and would never want any help from someone screaming at them. Being hotheaded is not being an advocate or a horse rescuer -it’s being a jerk! Didn’t everyone learn from their parents: Do unto others…? Apparently a few people forgot their focus –THE HORSES –and let off steam by ranting, thinking more of pleasing themselves (by letting off steam ranting) than about what they actually would accomplish for the animals.

Communications must be done with some manners and respect regardless of any personal feelings. Once more, it comes down to: Catch MORE flies with Honey….


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